manifold repair by plumbing technicianWhether you have an old hot water heater showing problems and preparing to fail or you need reliable water heater repair service, you can count on Plumbing Services Albuquerque and our experienced Albuquerque water heater technicians.

Most people don’t give their hw heaters much thought, but these appliances work day and night without breaking. When it fails, it can make life grind to a halt. We perform hot water heater installation and repairs to get your home back with hot water.

No hot water when you need it is not any fun at all. Whether you have a gas or electric heater, having one fail is not an option.

Hot Water Heater Installation

If you have an undersized unit or a system that’s preparing to fail, our plumbing contractors will help you choose a reliable brand and size that will fit the needs of your household.

Your water heater will give several warning signs that it’s preparing to fail so you can replace it before you run out of hot water or find your laundry room flooded.

The following signs indicate your water heater needs to be replaced, the following are some of the common water emergency sink repair Albuquerque NMheater problems:

  • It’s near the end of its life. Water heaters that are at least 10 years old should be considered for replacement before you are dealing with heater failure.
  • You have rusty water. Rusty hot water indicates your water heater is rusting and corroding on the inside and may begin leaking.
  • You hear odd noises. Sediment will build up inside your water heater as it ages, especially if you do not have the tank flushed regularly. As this sediment heats over and over, it will harden into a shell. You may hear loud banging or rumbling noises coming from your heater as it heats. Can often ruin your heating elements and then they fail. This is part of the residential yearly maintenance that needs to take place.
  • You see water around the heater. Moisture around the water heater indicates you have a leak in the tank or in the connections and fittings on the tank. A leaking or cracked tank must always be replaced.

How To Shut Off Your Hot Water Heater?

In order to shut of your hot water heater, you will need to do the following. You will need to shut off the water inlet valve that is located at the top of your water heater. Turn the valve to the right or clockwise. Most hw heaters will have an off mode on the gas control box or if you are going on vacation you can set it to vacation or the off position. This is the easiest way to shut off your hot water heater.

Why Is My Hot Water Heater Leaking?

There are several reason why your hw heater is leaking, here are several reasons:

  • You have a cracked tank. This will cause the hot water tank to typically be leaking from the bottom
  • The fittings on the water lines are leaking and might need to be tightened
  • The popup valve might be stuck and causing a leak

Those are a few reasons that could be causing your problem of a leaking tank.

Why Do I Run Out Of Hot Water So Fast?

leak inside the wallYou could be having a couple problems that are causing this problem also:

  • You could be having an intermittent thermocouple that is getting ready to fail.
  • If the thermostat is starting to fail, then this could cause the hw to run out fast because the entire tank is not heating all the way up to full temperature.

How Water Not Getting Hot?

What does it mean when you have no hot water? This could fall back to the reasons that I mentioned above about the thermocouple failing and also the thermostat on the verge of failing. This is the two most likely reason on why the hot water is not getting hot.

If it’s time to replace your water heater, our plumbing contractors will help you choose the right type of heater for your household. The most important consideration is size.

A 50-gallon electric or 40-gallon gas water heater is an appropriate size for most residential households although a household of five or more people may require a larger tank.

Energy efficiency is another important consideration. While a more efficient water heater will cost more at first, it will have lower operating costs over the next 10+ repair under sink

Hot Water Heater Repair Albuquerque

If your hw water heater is not heating water reliably, it is possible the problem can be fixed by replacing or repairing worn-out components.

A worn-out thermostat, which tells the heater to turn on and off, may leave you with very, very hot or very cold water.

A bad heating element can leave you with lukewarm water or hot water that runs out too fast, depending on which element has gone bad. This will leave you with a problem in the shower and no one likes cold water showers.
If you have rusty water, the problem may be a dissolved anode rod that needs to be replaced.

If the thermocouple has gone bad that will cause the pilot light not to light and you will have zero hot water.

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