Water Pressure Problems – 4 Reasons to Cause Water Pressure Problems at Home

Having low water pressure problems is no fun. Learn 4 simple ways to make sure that your water pressure to your home is always at the correct pressure.

Water pressure problems at home is something that you don’t want to happen to you if you can avoid it.

Low running water pressure in the shower is not much fun as is low pressure when trying to flush a toilet and all the waste is not removed.

There are many reason’s for this to happen and we are going to discuss the top 4 below.  Some you can try to fix yourself and then there are others that are going to need the expertise of a professional plumbing company.

Now sometimes you may just be having a problem with just one fixture and in that case you can just focus your attention on that fixture and not worry about the overall pressure to the home.  But then there is the case when the pressure is for the home is low in every bathroom and all fixtures.  When this happens that is when you are going to want to check the pressure to the home and we have some idea’s on what to do below when this is your problem.

Cause of water pressure problems to the home

Home water pressure problems may present themselves if different ways, all of which can be quite frustrating. When only one fixture has low water pressure you can easily focus on fixing just that fixture. However, there are various plumbing issues which can affect the water pressure to your entire house. If your home water pressure is low then the first thing to do is to narrow down the cause.

The first thing that you are going to want to do is to check the water pressure to the home.

1. Check The Water Meter

First make sure the water meter is on all the way. Sometimes, when people make repairs they turn the water back on slowly and a little at a time but then forget to go back and turn the water on the rest of the way.  Read more…

If you have a main shutoff valve, that would be the next place to check.

2. Check The Main Shut Off Valve

Check the main water shut off valves which can be in a few places like one on your side of the water meter and another at the front of the house with the hose bib or in colder areas the water often comes up in the garage (sometimes near or under the water heater).  Read more…

Sometimes the pressure regulator can become worn and break and may need to be replaced, this is how to do that.

3. Check The Pressure Regulator

Another common cause for home water pressure problems can be the pressure regulator. When the pressure regulator fails it can sometimes cause a large increase in pressure or the opposite a huge decrease in the pressure to your house. Read more…

The next problem is going to cost you some money to fix and will be expensive and require a professional plumbing company.  This will happen if you have a older home.

4. Consider A Re-Pipe

Old plumbing pipes can be another cause of low home water pressure. This is especially true if the pipes are old galvanized pipes. Read more…

So that should give you some idea’s on how to fix water problems at home.  A few of them are not really hard, but when it happens sometimes we don’t think of the simple things to do.  So keep this around, so when it happens you can fix this problem quickly.  We also take care of Albuquerque water heater repairs also.

If you would like to read the whole article, then you can do so here.  Read the entire article on low water problems at home.


Fast Ways to Unclog a Toilet

Knowing how to unclog a toilet quickly can be an asset. Learn some simple steps that will help you unclog your toilet.

4 Tips to Learn – Fast Ways to Unclog a Toilet

Problems that most people have when their toilets don’t flush or the water is slow to drain is that it happens at the worst times.  Sometimes when you have company or in the night and after hours, that is the worst time for it to happen.  But there are some things that you can do to get those toilets to drain fast.  So to take care of some of your Albuquerque plumbing problems, you don’t have to call a plumber all the time. Below you are going to find some tips on how to make this happen

These tips are going to go from the easiest way to the hardest way.  When the main drain is the problem that is something that you are going to have to call a professional plumber to help you get rid of the clog.  But there are times when just using a plunger is a fast way to unclog a toilet.

Fast Ways to Unclog a toilet

Toilet stoppages are common and quite disruptive. Luckily clearing a stopped up toilet is not difficult with a few tools and a little know how. The following steps show how to unclog a toilet by starting with the easiest method and progressing to a more involved process for difficult stoppages.

plunger3The first step to clearing a clogged toilet is to use a plunger. The key to clearing a sink clog with a plunger is knowing how to use the plunger correctly.

Image provided by Home Depot

Note: Using the right plunger for the job is a good way to ensure that you can clear the stoppage. It’s a good idea to have a plunger for each type of drain. Read more…

So as you see in this first way to get your toilet unplugged, the plunger is the right way.  But there are different types of plungers, so you need to have the right one to do a good job.

The Toilet Auger with a Hand Crank is Number 2

When a plunger is not enough to clear a clogged toilet, the next option is a toilet auger. The flexible cable in a toilet auger is fed into the toilet drain using a hand crank.  Read more…

With the toilet auger you must be careful when you are using this tool.  You can scratch up your finish of the inside of your toilet if you are not careful.  Trust me on this, I have done just that and had to then replace the toilet because it looked so bad because I scratched it up.  So be careful when you use the auger.

Main sewer line is clogged

Since toilets have the most direct path to the sewer and the biggest drain line in the house they will usually be one of the first signs of a sewer main clog. If more than one fixture is clogged look for the list of signs that indicate a possible sewer clog before trying to unclog the toilet. A sewer main clog needs to be cleared through the clean out and it requires a sewer drain snake.  Read more…

There is one more thing that you have to watch out for and that you are going to have to have an inspection of your sewer line.  This is when the pipes have cracked and there are roots in the line causing the clog.  When this happen or when you think this is the problem, you are going to need to have a professional plumber use a camera on a line that is snaked into the sewer line and with the camera you will be able to see the root on the image screen.

So you should read the whole article on a Fast Ways to unclog a Toilet at http://plumbing.about.com/od/drains/tp/How-To-Unclog-A-Toilet.htm

I hope this helps you and saves you a few bucks by not having to call a plumber out to your home or business.  More tips to come in the following weeks.

Sewer Repair Albuquerque – Who Should Do the Work?

Getting the right plumbing company for your sewer repair is one of the main things to consider. Check the company out completely.

How to repair sewer line

There are many different things that can go wrong with a repair of a sewer line.  A lot will depend on where the break is or even what the problem is.  Depending on where the problem is can mean many different things.  Cost for one and the type of materials that are going to be needed another.  These are just a couple of things that it could mean.
You can learn more by reading the article below.  There are several different suggestions that you will be able to use.
How to repair a sewer line
Route 148 construction

Image by mcwetboy via Flickr

Some of the scariest words you can hear a plumber say are “you need your sewer repaired.” Repairing a sewer can be expensive and time consuming, but being educated on the process, and on your options, can take some of the fear out. The first thing you should do is find a plumbing company you know is qualified for the job. Other than that……More at Sewer Repair Tips | Sewer Line Maintenance | Magnolia Plumbing
Understand the difference between sewer repair and replacement. If your plumber can’t find the origin of the leak in your sewer pipe, the whole thing may need to be replaced….More at Sewer Repair Tips | Sewer Line Maintenance | Magnolia Plumbing
Repair clamps, sewer liners, and full on replacement of pipe segments are all possibilities for sewer repair. Your plumber will recommend these based on the location and severity of your problem….More at Sewer Repair Tips | Sewer Line Maintenance | Magnolia Plumbing
Needless to say, no two plumbing repair situations are exactly alike. That’s why it’s important to choose a plumber who has experience handling sewer problems as they come up. Always ask for referrals from friends or neighbors who’ve had similar services performed so that you know you can trust the contractor….More at Sewer Repair Tips | Sewer Line Maintenance | Magnolia Plumbing
Things to know for getting your Albuquerque drain cleaning repaired correctly
One of the biggest things to remember is to use a plumbing company that is capable of doing the job right.  Make sure that you ask plenty of questions so you know the job is going to be done right.
Call us today and get the job done right the first time, call (505) 431- 4025 for fast and best quality work.


Central Air Conditioning Problems and Solutions

Knowing how to diagnose and repair air conditioning problems is a plus. Here are a couple steps to take to fix common problems.

Central Air Conditioning Problems and Solutions

If you are having cooling problems with your central air conditioner, sometimes they are simple solutions.  The homeowner can sometimes take care of these problems.

If you are not sure what you are doing don’t do it.  It is that simple.  Give plumbers in Albuquerque a call.  Here is some information on a couple of problems that can be fixed in the DIY mode by the owner.  The first one for sure, the electrical problem, that is up to you.

You should not go in the service panel if you are not qualified due to the electrical shock that is there.  There is no sense in killing yourself to save a few dollars.  See if you can locate the parts for these common problems and if you think that you can do it, here are some instructions on just how to go about taking care of your central air conditioner when there is a problem.

Central Air Conditioning Problems and Solutions

Central air conditioning system not working? Well depending on what type of system that you have there could be a hundred reasons that your air conditioning is not blowing cold air. If you are living in a hot and humid part of the world, there’ s a good chance that your condensate drain line may be clogged, or that you may have a bad run capacitor.

I would estimate that 30-40% of the no-cool calls that I run in Florida are due to clogged condensate drain lines tripping a water safety switch. Unlike most Hvac repairs, this is something that may be fixed by the homeowner. Clogged condensate drain lines can also be prevented through a preventative maintenance program, which just about every major Hvac company out there offers.

How to Clear a Clogged Condensate Line

I have read many articles on troubleshooting clogged condensate lines throughout the internet and many people recommend bleach to clear a clogged condensate line. The truth is this rarely works and are going to need something much stronger. Bleach also can back flush into your air handler and weaken the copper tubing in the evaporator coil. While bleach may be a option to pour down the line to prevent algae growth, I wouldn’t recommend it as it can damage your equipment if not administered properly.

Bad Run Capacitors

The other calls that I constantly get are bad run capacitors on the condensing unit. Some symptoms of a bad run capacitor would be that the air handler is running, and the outside unit is not, but is making a loud humming noise. If you were to take off the service panel (which you shouldn’t unless qualified) and the capacitor is swollen up like a frozen soda can, then the run capacitor needs to be replaced.
To read the rest of this great article just visit: http://hvacbeginners.com/the-2-most-common-central-air-conditioning-problems/

As you can see the above issues can be taken care of by the homeowner.  But you have to remember that you are taking a risk of injury not only to yourself but also to the equipment. Central air conditioner service can be done by the home owner but you have to take precautions.

Take you time whenever you are thinking about tackling problems with your central air conditioning unit.  There are times when you can do something, but other times you are better off calling in a professional to take care of the problem.  That is what they are for, they will guarantee their work and you know  you are getting it done right.

If you need professional help with your AC unit and making sure it is running in tip top shape, give Plumbing Services Albuquerque, the best Albuquerque plumbers a call, day or night, 7 days a week at (505) 431- 4025.

Discover the Importance of Plumbing Service and Repair

Making sure your plumbing system is in good shape is critical. Having an inspection to ensure that there are no plumbing issues is a scheduled maintenance issue that should be done yearly. Get this plumbing service and repair done by Plumbing Services Albuquerque.

Plumbing Repair and Service

Most people who buy a house think that once it is fixed up, they will never need to make any other repairs. However, they are mistaken. The truth is that, just like any other asset, a house needs scheduled maintenance. Because of the environmental factors and due to a daily usage, some parts of your house might get damaged.  That is why everyone needs to have plumbing repair and service.

According to a recent survey, one of the most frequent systems of a house that keeps getting damaged is its plumbing. No matter how small or big your house is, plumbing issues can make you lose your peace of mind.

A Small Problem With a Huge Impact

plumber under sinkEven if common plumbing problems, such as a blocked kitchen sink or a toilet, might seem very small, they usually create chaos in our lives. Just think how can you live without being able to use your toilet or to wash the dishes in the sink. Besides blockage and draining problems, another serious problem is when the pipes start to leak.

Because of environmental factors like extreme heat, snow or hard water, the pipes in our house can get damaged and start leaking. The real problem is when the pipe is hidden under the ground or inside a wall, because it can slowly “poison” your house.  Another thing to consider is the average cost of plumbing repairs today, which can get quite expensive in a emergency situation.

Here in the Rio Rancho area, there is a certain type of PVC pipe repair that is a must before these old types of pipes crack and cause you major problems.

Schedule Plumbing Maintenance Repair

In order to avoid small problems before they become big ones, it is important to check your house systems on a yearly basis. By doing so, you will save the cost of repairing (in a emergency situation), because the problem is treated in the beginning stage.

Call your Albuquerque plumbing company at least once per year in order to make sure your plumbing system works as designed and that the scheduled maintenance is performed on-time. There are many companies that offer plumbing services out there, but not all of them offer high-quality services and 24/7 emergency plumbing support.

One of the best reviewed company’s in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area, is Plumbing Services Albuquerque.  Whether if it is your home or business getting your plumbing maintenance on a schedule is important.

Heating, cooling, toilet repair, swamp coolers, bathtub plumbing repair, home plumbing repair, sewer lines and much more, it does not matter, these items need to be checked and checked frequently.

Here at Plumbing Services Albuquerque, we are serving the Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Los Lunas and the surrounding area’s.  Give us a plumber with pvc pipecall day or night (505) 431- 4025and we can service your needs and keep the cost of plumbing repairs to a cost effective price.

According to the specialists and real estate agents, the value of a house is reduced if it has problems and one of those problems is the plumbing. Therefore, if you’re planning to sell your house in the future, you need to pay extra attention to these minor issues. If a prospect sees that your house has plumbing problems or leaks, they might refuse your offer, even if the price is quite attractive. Thus, it is extremely important to keep your eyes open for leaks and to make sure everything is fine.

The Best Plumbing Company in Albuquerque

In order to prevent that, you need to make sure to contact a professional plumbing company. One of the best plumbing company in Albuquerque can be found at http://www.plumbingservicesalbuquerque.com or call (505) 431- 4025.

They work with some of the best plumbers in the area and offer several services from maintaining:

  • computer rooms
  • hospitals
  • restaurants
  • and supermarkets

to repairing and installation of:

  • water heaters
  • drain line problems
  • air conditioning repair and installation
  • HVAC
  • toilet plumbing repair
  • pipe repair
  • mobile home plumbing repair
  • kitchen plumbing repair
  • exhaust systems
  • garbage disposals

just to name a few. One of the biggest advantage of working with this company is the 24/7 emergency call center service that allows any customer to ask for a plumbing repair service in Albuquerque and will provide you an accurate estimate for replacement parts and service. Since the call is free of charge (505- 431-4025), just ask for Albuquerque plumber, you won’t need to worry about any additional costs.